Computer Repair Rochester NY

Computer Repair Rochester, NY: Leave it to the Experts

BBS Tech has years of experience in computer repair in the Rochester, NY area. One of the most common types of computer repair involves removing a virus or other malicious program from an infected computer. Some malware works by replicating itself until it fills all of the available space on your hard drive, which renders your computer unable to function. Even if you have anti-virus protection on your computer, you may still get hit with a virus as some viruses are engineered to shut down security programs.

How to Tell if You Need Computer Repair:

  • Your computer is running slower than normal. Viruses tend to slow down a computer’s performance and processing speed. If you suddenly notice your computer running much slower than normal, you may have a virus.
  • You notice unexpected messages or programs running that you did not open. Some viruses damage Windows operating systems or other programs. If you notice programs starting or closing automatically without you initiating the action, or you notice Windows shutting down unexpectedly, your computer may have a virus.
  • Are your modem and your hard drive working overtime? E-mail viruses replicate themselves and spread by sending copies of themselves to your contacts. If you see the light on your external modem or broadband is always on or you hear your computer’s hard drive working non-stop, these can be signs that your computer has a virus.
  • Is your computer unable to open certain files or applications? This is another possible sign of a virus on your computer.

It is essential to keep your computer’s anti-virus software up-to-date. New viruses and other forms of malware are created every day, so anti-virus programs must be updated regularly to meet these new threats.

Why Us for Service of Computer Repair in Rochester, NY?

If you need computer repair in Rochester, bring it to BBS Tech and we can repair it for you. We have years of experience in computer repair and we can help you by getting your machine up and running again at full capacity. In addition to virus removal, we can also remove adware and spyware which can also cause your computer’s performance to suffer, and also put you at risk for identity theft. BBS Tech also offers other services to the Rochester area, including: networking solutions,  and repair.

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